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What does an Occupational Therapist (OT) do?

An occupational therapist evaluates a child's level of performance as it relates to their school and/or home environment. A referral can be made by a physician, parent, teacher and/or other professional(s). Therapy may be necessary if your child exhibits any of the following:

  • Does not meet developmental milestones.
  • Distractible; poor attention span.
  • Cannot tolerate upsets in plans and expectations.
  • Has trouble with pencil control; is messy.
  • Is stubborn or uncooperative.
  • Difficulty with formation, spacing, and reversal of letters.
  • Trouble with cutting, tracing activities.
  • Does not have normal hand dominance: not skillful with either hand.
  • Difficulty copying from blackboard.
  • Becomes easily tired.
  • Appears weak, has low muscle tone.
  • Has not learned to do many self-care activities at an age appropriate level.
  • Has trouble putting on clothes, using buttons, zippers and laces.
  • Stumbles and falls more frequently than others his/her age.
  • Walks or runs into furniture.
  • Has an unnatural fear of falling or heights.

A child’s future success is tied directly to what they are doing today. Establishing skills and independence at appropriate ages will help your child maximize development in years to come.


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