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Listening Fitness Program (LIFT)

The Listening Fitness program is music-based sound stimulation modeled from the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Listening Fitness is an educational strategy to improve learning, language and communication skills.

Listening Fitness uses an electronic device known as the LIFT Trainer. The program is an intense 60 hour listening exercise that uses music mainly consisting of Mozart and Gregorian chant, along with a person's own voice to develop and improve listening.

The program is approximately eight weeks and requires a baseline and follow-up questionnaire. As with all music based programs, results vary from person to person. The program is designed for people who exhibit any of the following:

  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Attention problems
  • Fine motor and organizational problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Reading problems
  • Speech language delays
  • Physical balance and coordination delays

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